Styles come and styles go and often they come back’s definitely been a circular path.

 As a child I was totally into drawing figures with my Sumi pen.  Sometimes I would add color but most often they were black and white.  My trademark was a quick, lose, sketchy style of drawing people who I observed in ordinary life (very similar to many of my Fun Sketch Fridays).  The drawings were whimsical, abstract and fun.  Upon becoming a teen, I transitioned to watercolors, still lifes and coastal scenes.  It wasn’t as fun but it was important for me to learn realism.  During my teens I attended a private, Catholic high school.  I wore a uniform every day and almost everyone in my school looked the same.  I loved high school but looking back on my work during that time, I see that it was reflective of my environment.  Then bam, college life found me at a small art school that was part of a huge state university…boy did my world change.  I became friends with so many different types of people…and I thrived.   There was such a new found energy to my work.  It was big, it was bold and it was F U N!!! I graduated, fell in love and I became a Guidance Counselor.  Whaaaat?  A Guidance Counselor?  For me, this isn’t too far off because artmaking has always been a form of therapy to me, a way to make sense of my world.  As a counselor, it was rare that a session didn’t involve markers, crayons, journaling and clay. A few years later, I got married and left my job and New York City to move to the suburbs and have our first child…who knew there would be four more!!!  As a new mom, my style transitioned once again.  My paintings during this period were the most realistic they had ever been.  Looking back, it makes sense, I was a new, young mom hoping to do everything right.  Fast forward to five children, and here I am.  I’ve come to the realization that there are no picket fences and life is not always able to be planned accordingly. My work is back to the bold, abstract style that I find most enjoyable.  At times geometric, often free flowing but always fun and always a process that is brings me clarity and joy.