As a way of saying thank you to those that inspire and/or support my work, I choose someone to draw and feature on my Instagram feed each Friday.  The person I choose to paint or draw is always someone that I admire deeply.  They range from trendsetters in the fashion and design industry, to new friends I’ve met through Instagram, to role models for young women, to my own family members, to treasured, old friends, to cute little ones that I find charming... when it comes to choosing my subjects the sky is the limit.  The fun part about fun sketch Friday, which is now my very favorite day of the week, is the planning that goes on for me behind the scenes.  Each week something clicks and once it clicks I begin thinking about what I will write  about the particular person I will I will portray them to my world.  The absolute best part is when the person I’ve drawn discovers that they have been featured along with the smile on their face when I give them the original portrait I've created of them.  To put it simply,  I love making the people I love happy! So send in your just might be next! 


Fun Sketch Friday