Painting is an emotive process — a true reflection of the subconscious.


Kathleen Palmeri


The creative process has always been my easiest form of self-expression. As a shy child, I could always be found with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. It was through my artwork that I discovered a voice to communicate. In fact, my creations both then and now are reflections of my innermost thoughts, feelings, and impulses. When the words don’t seem to add up, my artwork always does.

With the encouragement of my grandmother, Eileen, who saw every creation of mine as a masterpiece, I developed the confidence to pursue an education in art. My passion quickly began to blossom and my devotion arose.

I studied Fine Art at Mason Gross, Rutgers University. Following graduation, I worked in advertising, getting my initial taste of creativity in business. Soon thereafter, I received my Masters in Counselor Education from New York University and became a counselor to middle school students in The William J. O’Shea School’s art and music program.

Now back in Monmouth County, New Jersey, I am a devoted wife and mother of five children. Living in a home filled with a constant buzz of creativity, I am continuously inspired by my little artists, musicians, and songwriters.
Currently working with mostly Oil and Ink, I have shifted focus from landscapes and still lives to abstract expressionism.

To me, painting is an emotive process — a true reflection of the subconscious. I enjoys using paintbrushes, palette knives, and often my hands to create large-scale paintings with many layers of pigment and texture. The juxtaposition of colors and shapes becomes a process which is both intuitive and calming. From the moment I smell the paint, I feels a sense of freedom and peace that is innately mirrored from my soul onto the canvas. Art is truly a window into my heart.

Her creations both then and now are reflections of her innermost thoughts, feelings, and impulses